10 Trends to Die: Menswear AW16

International Men’s Fashion Weeks have drawn to a close internationally, and we’ve sat back and reviewed every collection that went down the runway for Autumn/Winter 2016. We’ve compiled the ULTIMATE style guide of trends we love for next season that you should try, and which items to avoid like the plague! 

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Trends to Die



1 | Denim on Denim


Remember those god-awful head-to-toe denim looks that celebrities wore in the early ’00s? Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ patchwork denim ensembles still haunt our nightmares. An era of fashion that should have been buried and forgotten is coming back. Denim on denim ruled the runway this season – classic jackets and wide-leg pants, patchwork, art adorned, embroidered, all manner of horrifying things.  Separately, denim is wonderful. But together? Well, that’s a Canadian Tuxedo which is a meme often topped with a mullet. *shudder* There are some ways in which this look can potentially work, but it is far too easy to go the wrong style direction. Just avoid a life-long style regret.


a, James Long, D&G, Calvin Klein Collections
D2, James Long, D&G, Calvin Klein Collections



2 | Yeti Down


Fur has seen a resurgence in fashion. We live in Canada with a climate that hates us and wants us to die from cold, so in our mind, fur is good (although we do encourage purchasing or reworking vintage furs). What is not good is fur or fun fur pants. This look really makes it seem like your bottom half is on its way to a furry convention or a half-dressed mascot.


a, Fendi, a, a
Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi, Lou Dalton, White Mountaineering



3 | Vest of War


Unless you are going hunting or are actually in a war zone, this look is not for you. #sorrynotsorry – this version of functional fashion has failed. Don’t buy a vest that looks like it is meant to stop bullets unless it actually does!


JW Andersen, Maharishi, Pieter
JW Anderson, Maharishi, Pieter



4 | Patched Together Again


Oh, look… more of the horrendous ’00s. Remember our earlier reminder of those awful patchwork denim suits fancied by Justin Timberlake? Let’s all think about what a regrettable style misstep that was. Yes, we all went on to love him again (hello, dick in a box hilarity), but be honest – we all secretly still judged him for that outfit. Some of us may have also made this epic fail during its last viral spread, but I hope we’ve all learned our lesson. Unless you are impoverished and need to patch together an outfit because it’s all you have, this “trend” needs to go in the garbage.


Gypsy Sport, Roberto Cavalli, a, a
Gypsy Sport, Roberto Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood, Valentino



5 | Quit the Quilt


Designers have been experimenting with different styles to offer men as their interest in fashion grows. This is fantastic as options and experimentation are much needed. What isn’t needed are quilted pants. Quilted anything else is fantastic, but does not translate to trousers. Unless you have figured out a way to make these look good as snow pants on the slopes (which is slim), avoid this at all costs.


Maharishi, Public School NYC, Missoni, a
Maharishi, Public School NYC, Missoni, John Elliott



6 | Puffy Don’t


Yes, parkas are warm and a necessity in our Canadian winters. No, you do not have to bring back the ’00s and live out your rapper style dreams with an oversized, shiny puffer coat.


Bobby Abley, Burberry,
Bobby Abley, Burberry, Raf Simons



7 | Pyjama Man


While the Hugh Hefner influence in regards to robe coats is a style winner, the pyjama pants that models rolled out from backstage in were most definitely not. Although we are huge fans of comfort and being cosy, actually looking like you just rolled out of bed is beyond tacky. Put on some real clothes before you leave the house unless you want your community to wonder if you’ve had a mental break.


Top Men, Dior, Katie Eary, Lucio Vanotti
Top Men, Dior, Katie Eary, Lucio Vanotti



8 | Attack of the Tin Foil


Metallics are always rotating in popular in fashion. Sometimes gold is the favourite, and for the past couple of seasons silver has been on top. It is up to you how wild you go with the metal, and we certainly have nothing against a little glimmer of silver, but some designers have taken it too far. If it looks like you have lined your hood with tinfoil, wrapped you body in a thermal foil blanket, or used one of those sheets that goes in the car window to block out the sun? You’ve crossed a line or been blinded by the shine. Just no.


Calvin Klein Collections, Versace, Cottweiler
Calvin Klein Collections, Versace, Cottweiler



9 | Sgt. Pepper Wants His Jacket Back


It isn’t that Sgt. Pepper jackets are hideous, it’s just that this style is so damn tired. It’s too soon to bring this jacket back. Keep it in your closet for a couple more years before pulling it back out again. We need some space before we can learn to love it again.


Sgt Pepper
Balmain, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent



10 | Honey, I shrunk the clothes


Crop tops have had their hey day in womenswear, and I suppose designers thought it was about time that the boys had some fun too. We are all about dressing to make yourself happy and expressing yourself, but this trend merely looks like you don’t know how to do laundry and shrunk all your clothes.


Gypsy Sport, Nasir Mazhar, JW Anderson, Versace
Gypsy Sport, Nasir Mazhar, JW Anderson, Versace