How Is 3D Printing Revolutionizing the Way Fashion Is Made?

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Cellular 2 3D Textile by Bradley Rothenberg

With a 3D printer on our equipment wish list, it’s no wonder that we have its infinite applications in our minds.

This great article from IQ Intel really does say what our hearts feel…3D Printing is the way of the future and will enable the fashion industry to make better materials, better products and produce less waste.

Throughout history, fabrics have been created in much the same way. These processes create an excess of waste materials and burn through a lot of energy to produce. 3D Printing eliminates this . The process uses only the material it needs, with any left-overs being usable in the next project. Instead of using multiple fabrics to create say a dress with a sheer panel, you can create the garment with the sheer panel developed into the fabric. Textile designers such as Bradley Rothenberg (who is a guru in the 3D printed fabric world), are opening the door into this exciting world and inspiring other’s to jump on the band wagon. Designers are already lining up to work with Rothenberg and include his futuristic and beautiful fabrics into their collections. And fabrics aren’t the only aspect of the industry that will be impacted as 3D printing developsĀ  further. Imagine being able to create shoes, accessories, and more.

Granted this technology has a ways to go and further development is needed to make it a heavy weight competitor with more traditional methods, but the possibilities are exciting and titillating.

The acceleration of technology and its real-world applications is putting fashion on the front-lines of a revolution. The innovations that we will see in the coming decade are exciting and we look forward to being a part of this incredible time in the industry.

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