Aftermath Festival

Mend PHoto


Our Creative Director Benjamin Tang checked out Aftermath Festival at the end of August, a three-day long festival that rose from the ashes of Kinetik in Montreal. Featuring musicians in the dark electronic scene across North America, the event draws a diverse alternative crowd for its festivities.




Benjamin Tang has always liked the aesthetic of the community which is inspired by the cyber-punk movement with its dark, futuristic post-industrial dystopias (think Blade Runner, Elysium, or Chappie). With more fashion designers leaning towards these provocative thought-designs and darker aesthetics, it was interesting to check out the style of die-hards in the scene who pioneered the look.


“I’ve noticed that the current trends in fashion are running parallel with the visuals from the cyber-punk movement with utilitarian styles and a focus on wearables and fashion tech.”


It wasn’t just the audience that was embracing all things future-forward. Musicians creatively used technology to deliver more dynamic and interactive stage performances.


“I’ve noticed that bands are moving away from the traditional set-up of electronic music performance with smaller wearable terminals.”


These wearable terminals allow for greater movement across the stage and heightened audience interaction.


Squid Lid exemplifies this move towards wearable technology and light-reactive shows. They have long been wow-ing audiences with their outrageous black-light and LED outfits and over-the-top live presentations.



We were also impressed by MEND, a Chicago-based electronic duo that created an interactive landscape using unity 3D driven line rendering projections, and raspberry pi driven pyramids that pause, shift, and change colour based on the input form of the music.




No festival is complete without a shopping element! Where else to find Aftermath goodies than a special pop-up version of the local Toronto Bazaar of the Bizarre at Round Venue.