Is Gender-neutral Shopping About to Change Retail?

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I love fashion and I love to shop. I lean more towards minimal and androgynous styles, often finding myself at events wearing the same outfit as the fashionable lad with a top knot beside me. What can I say? I love a good drop crotch pant. For years I have disregarded the section designated to my gender and chosen to explore both, but that doesn’t always go as seamlessly as one would hope in our cosmopolitan city. I have had my fair share of attitude, weird looks, and discrimination just because I am on the quest for the perfect slouchy t-shirt.

So imagine my delight when I heard that in London, England some bloody genius had decided to turn Selfridges into a gender-free shopping zone. With so many incredible gender-neutral designers and designs up for offer, it was about time that something like this happened.  Although it is currently set as a concept space with an art gallery vibe, it is still a major step-forward.  The pieces are not displayed on the floor, but viewed in ways such as peepholes or on cards which describe the pieces. Sales associates are on hand to procure the desired garments for shoppers and assist them in their shopping experience.

Hopefully someday in the not-so-faraway future, gender neutral shopping will not be newsworthy but merely typical. Until then, let’s celebrate these small victories and keep on shopping throughout the whole store.



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