Amplify Apparel Gives PLEASURE

Since 2013, Amplify Apparel has captured the hearts of a devoted fan base. Originally founded as an accessories label, the label began to shift focus after their first application to Fashion Art Toronto which featured campaign images featuring clothing items from other designers paired with designer Allie Wood’s imaginative creations. Allie Wood began experimenting with creating her own garments and soon discovered the process of up-cycling.


“I fell in love with reconstructing or ‘Amplifying’ old garments into couture art pieces.”


We sat down to catch up with the talented designer in anticipation of Amplified Apparel’s 2016 collection showcase at Fashion Art Toronto this evening…



Who is the Amplify Apparel wearer? Is there a certain attitude or character that you have in mind for your designs?

Amplify Apparel is not for the fashionably faint of heart. The brand is for anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd and make a statement with their style. There is something for everyone within our collection from our stunning one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, to fierce red carpet looks, to elaborate stage costumes.


You push the envelope of expression compared to mainstream collection presentations. Your models are unabashed individuals who exude confidence in their own skin. How do you go about discovering the bold faces of your collections?

When casting for a collection, I am always looking for creative individuals to collaborate with. To me that is what an Amplify showcase is – a collaboration between an amazing group of people. Each show is so inspired by everyone involved who bring different energies and skills to the table. I love working with dancers, performance artists, musicians, and weirdoes!


Erica Furness performs a fan dance to close the FAT 2015 LEGENDS showcase
Erica Furness performs a fan dance to close the FAT 2015 LEGENDS showcase


Your shows always have a creative and engaging story line running through the collection and show. What is your process and inspiration for creating the story of each collection?

Much of the inspiration comes from the performers involved. I’ll start with our Amplify Apparel Brand Ambassadors [Erica Furness, Sebastian Blagdon, Matthew Alexander, Monique Michelle, and Scarlet Black] and cast their characters first. I’m very inspired by music and depending on the theme of the show, I’ll listen to a specific album that embodies the feel that I envision for the collection. It sparks specific thoughts or movements and the story line grows from there.


Your pieces are extravagant but still wearable artistic designs. How does your design process work?

I try to do minimal sketching so that I’m not trapped in a specific design aesthetic. Often I’ll choose specific colours or materials for each character first and let the materials inspire me to bring the pieces to life.


Matthew Alexander in the 2015 LEGENDS campaign
Matthew Alexander in the 2015 LEGENDS campaign


You used quite a bit of mixed materials in your previous collections and had so many incredible sculptural accessories. Is that something we can expect to see again?

Hell yeah! Wire is the answer to everything in the land of Amplify Apparel. This season I really wanted to challenge myself and see how far I could take the wire and what I could create with it. You will see everything made of wire: dresses, belts, hats, necklaces and masks. You name it, you’ll see it.


We are huge fans of the #MADEINCANADA movement and the focus on ethical production. Your label is totally rocking this ethos…

With our up-cycling, Amplify Apparel is on the forefront of recycle trash fashion in Toronto. It’s all about taking something old or used and making it brand new again. Go into your closet and grab any clothing item you haven’t worn in years… Now, imagine turning it into something hot and fresh that you would wear right now. That’s Amplify Apparel!


Sebastian Blagdon in the 2016 PLEASURE campaign teaser
Sebastian Blagdon in the 2016 PLEASURE campaign teaser


What is your favourite thing about showing at Fashion Art Toronto?

It’s all about having the opportunity to showcase in an amazing space and to share the runway with such high caliber artists!


What about the FAT community do you love most?

Fashion Art Toronto is an epic platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their skills. For me, FAT week is like Christmas – a whole week of amazing artists coming together in one place. I love the energy and inspiration that happens during FAT!


Faery Lepidoptera in the 2016 PLEASURE collection teaser
Faery Lepidoptera in the 2016 PLEASURE collection teaser


This season Amplify Apparel presents PLEASURE.

Within each of us, passions are rippling just beneath the surface. Secret infatuations motivate us and delightful thrills push us to the edge. PLEASURE explores the designers that cause your heart to flutter, your mind to race, and your spirit to soar. The collection will feature avant garde wire sculptures, flowing fabrics, and opulent accessories that transport you to a space where anything is accessible. Open your mind to the endless possibilities, be free of social restraints, and let your imagination run wild. It’s the little things in life that make it sweet. Indulge with PLEASURE and live the fantasy.



You can find Amplify Apparel on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Don’t miss the show at FAT tonight @ 10:20 PM