Apple Watch: Worth the Hype?



Apple Watch just had its release and of course sold out immediately despite mixed reviews online. Apple seems to have mastered selling out its gear, just look at how good they are at convincing fans they need to line up for a new phone every year.

With sales on their IPads flatlining (but let’s be fair, those babies have a high sale volume), Ipods becoming redundant, and more competition in the phone market from the likes of Samsung, Apple desperately is in need of a new tech toy to push their brand forward. What better way to achieve this than to delve into wearable technology.

The watches come in three price points: Watch Sport, Watch, and Watch Edition. Despite the “yawn” that has been claimed to be coming from the fashion set, the watch is not offensive in its. It is clean, sleek and there are 54 possible variations of the customizable gadget. Yes, it may not be high fashion aesthetically, but it is a leaps and bounds better visually than products like Google Glass.  The sports range is the most affordable with watches starting at $449 , while the most expensive Edition model is $17 000.

So what exactly will the watch get you and is it worth the money?

The Apple Watch is basically an accessory for your phone which will make you look at your phone less. That could be a very good thing in this excessively plugged-in world. However, it could also go the other direction and have people completely dependent on their watch.

Obviously it keeps time and Apple even provides a selection of options to customize your watch face for your style preference. It’s a fitness tracker, a communication device, and boasts a large range of Apps to keep your tech heart happy. It receives messages from your friends, sends texts and lets you dictate messages.  You can make speakerphone calls and send people animated emojis (although, but why?). Send “love taps” or notify someone you love who is far away that you’re thinking of them with the heartbeat notification.  And of course you can listen to music on it. All in all it is full of features.

The major detractor (and it is MAJOR), is that the battery life doesn’t seem to hold up well at all.

So is the Apple Watch right for you? Depends what you want or need. Check out more online and read a wide variety of reviews to make an informed opinion. We are interested to see how this plays out after all the hype dies down a bit. We recommend checking out this review and this article outlining some tips and quirks with this first production line.

For those who can’t wait until the summer to order an Apple Watch, Ebay and its profit-hungry sellers might be your only option.   But it won’t come cheap. You’ll be getting product that has been priced at a premium. But hey, if getting slightly after the first wave and slightly before everyone else is important to you, this might be your best option.

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