Armored Mesh 3D Print Review



We are huge fans of wearables and the impact that new technologies like 3D printing can have on the fashion industry.

3D printing is a new experimental trend that is gaining steam in the fashion industry. While some designers are working with various rubbers and solid designs (such as printing shoes and accessories), others are experimenting with overlapping and repeating patterns, interlocking shapes, and even knit-like woven structures.

For those of you who are interested in experimenting with 3D print projects, there is a great site called Thingiverse which is an open source forum of design patterns and files.

We decided to test out a project titled Armor Mesh.




We printed the pattern in PLA plastic at 175% of the original size as we found that at 100% it was far to difficult to separate the links. After looking at comments from others who did this project, it seems that enlarging is a common work around for this issue.

Once we created the enlarged version, we found that the pattern was surprising well made in terms of how easy it is to separate the support material and the links. After flexing the sheet several times it becomes very flowing and drapes over any surface.



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