With sustainability becoming an extremely important aspect of how we think about fashion and its production, Bio-Couture has us completely fascinated.

So what is Bio-Couture?

Quite simply it is creating a material using microbial-cellulose (bacteria).

The process was created by Suzanne Lee to explore the possibilities of using nature to create bio-degradable, sustainable, and impact free materials for producing garments.

The process is simple enough thanks to her hand recipe that shows others how to grow their own. It uses organic cider vinegar, granulated sugar, live kombucha culture,  and green tea bags (for colour). Basically, you probably have most of this stuff in your kitchen and are well on your way to experimenting with this interesting and innovative technique.

The culture is grown in a vat, washed thoroughly and then dried.

Then it’s up to your imagination and creativity as to what you will do with your materials.

Suzanne Lee and her research team are still exploring the possibilities of this technique and we are excited to see the developments.

What do you think of Bio-Couture?


All designs by Suzanne Lee of Bio-Couture

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