Jump-start Your Spring/Summer Season With a Free Shopping Extravaganza!!!

cherry blossoms


Spring is in the air! The sludge is melting, the days are lighter later, and we’ve finally exchanged our bundled layers of warmth for lighter jackets. The Raw Finery Studio team has already been doing the seasonal closet switch over and we’re making lists in our heads of all the goodies we want to wear this season. But before we all hit the stores to find those dreamy pieces, what about starting the season off with a fun and practically free alternative to retail therapy?

Clothing swaps have been gaining popularity over the past few years. Not only are they free (and who doesn’t love free clothes, am I right?), but they boast a slew of other perks.

Clothing swaps are environmentally friendly: Instead of tossing out items we are bored of, have never worn, or wonder “what was I thinking” about, we can help them find new and loving homes instead of a landfill. They’re a great social occasion: Who doesn’t want to bond and make new friends over a pile of clothes. And sometimes there is gold in those piles. I personally have been the lucky finder of a Versace smoking jacket at a clothing swap.

As a clothing swap veteran, here are some of my top tips for a great event that you will be eager to repeat each season…

  • First you need to invite people to your swap. You could host in your home or, if it’s too small, at a friend’s. Make sure to remind your friends to bring their own reusable bags to carry their loot home.
  • Items brought to the clothing swap need to be clean, bug-free, and in good condition. Don’t forget to specify that in the invitation.
  • Have some refreshments and snacks on hand. Diving into a pile of clothes works up an appetite. And don’t forget to have a good music playlist on hand to set the mood.
  • Make sure you have a full length mirror and an area to change for the shy or if you have a co-ed event.
  • There are varying ways of organizing your swap. My personal favorite is putting all the clothes in a pile in the middle of the room, and accessories organized by type on a table.
  • Rules? Whatever works for you. But here are some examples of my personal swap rules: Whoever finds it first keeps it – if they want it of course. Don’t be greedy – noone likes a swapper who tries to pilfer from other’s goodie bags. All swappers who attend must contribute to the party with donations for the pile.

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