Canadian Manufacturing & Technology Show

Anna Crooke Photography

Last week our Creative Director Benjamin Tang headed off to the far reaches of the GTA for the Canadian Manufacturing and Technology Show. Lured by the promise of cutting-edge equipment and robots, our high hopes were surpassed at this incredible event.

With over 8, 000 attendees estimated, Canada’s largest manufacturing show is a mecca for those keen on seeing the latest advancements in the industry from over 700 suppliers.

“CMTS is incorporating new advances in sensor and remote monitoring to help create less downtime and a more precise process.”

Technology was on display that showed the potential of incorporating virtual reality and gesture-controlled gloves to repair machines on the factory floor. The twist: You can do it from a remote location WHILE the machine is still in operation. This means that you don’t lose money or time in your production line. It also allows highly specialized mechanics to repair machines in many locations with ease.

“One of the focuses of the show was additive printing and how it can be used in various industries like medical, prototyping, fabrication, rapid manufacturing, and automation.”

There was also a wing set aside for emerging technology like small-scale laser cutters, 3D printers, and 3D scanners. Obviously we were putting together a rather large wish list of items for the studio, and it was a fantastic opportunity to connect and talk to the suppliers face-to-face.


Rhino Cutting System's "Fab Shop" Series
Rhino Cutting System’s “Fab Shop” Series


The highlight of the adventure to CMTS was Festo’s BionicOpter, an ultra-light flying object that has technically mastered the highly complex flight characteristics of the dragonfly. The BionicOpter allows for “wireless real-time communication, a continuous exchange of information, as well as the ability to combine different sensor evaluations and identify complex events and critical states.” The BionicOpter was demonstrated for the crowds and Ben couldn’t resist getting a shot with the high-tech dragon fly.



Anna Crooke Photography

Anna Crooke Photography


CMTS exceeded our expectations which were set rather high. It’s definitely on our list of events for next year!