Day of The Dead X The ROM

On Devil’s Night, our ghoulish Director of Marketing headed out with our friend Meaghan of Fashion Savage to revel in her favourite holiday… Hallowe’en. Where better to hangout than at The Rom which transformed into a ghoulish Day of the Dead party on all four floors?!


Anna Crooke Photography


The ROM’s Viva Mexico! textile exhibit was perfectly suited to the evening’s festivities, with over 150 stunning historic and contemporary pieces on display. The intricate bead-work and embroidery on the lavish traditional costumes is mesmerizing and worthy of a visit.


Anna Crooke Photography


In a small room on the fourth floor, a feast for the eyes was found in Sergio Hernandez Martinez Day of the Dead Ofrenda, a beautifully created altar to honor the ancestors and those who have passed on.

We couldn’t resist the Eat Braaaaains Zombie tour led by a very enthusiastic tour guide who Anna is convinced is a kindred spirit. Who else gets THAT excited talking about shrunken heads, cannibalism and mummies? The tour was brief but informative, showcasing a shrunken head, a Jericho skull (sooooo rare! Google it), and two Egyptian mummies (one of which was unwrapped in his display case).

Of course, one can’t resist toddling about the museum and checking out the regular displays. We wandered through Egyptian tombs, traveled through a bat-cave, and crossed a continent on one floor.


Anna Crooke Photography


The lower two floors of the Museum seemed to be where the party was at. Fantastic live music (most memorably from The Mariachi Ghost – #instafan) soared amongst the Dinosaurs and costumed guests.

It was a fantastic evening that we have put on our list for attending again next year. Truly the perfect combination of interesting stuff to do and see, things to consume (yummy foods and cheap drinks!), and great music to hear.

As a Hallowe’en bonus, here’s our Director of Marketing Anna getting ready for her night out on the town as a scary (albeit kinda hot) skeleton…