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Following on the heels of No Sock Day comes Lost Sock Memorial Day, an annual day of mourning for all the socks that have vanished into the unknown along the way. Many have left behind a partner, a lone foot cosy that sits uselessly in our drawers until we finally accept that their purpose is now redundant. Where do they go? We do not know. Laundry day seems to be the prime spot for these mysterious disappearances, but despite our best search efforts around the machine, we still have no answers. Do washing machines eat the socks? Do elves carry them away? Who will ever know.

What we do know is it is time to get some new socks, and who better to call than Hitsu.


Hitsu Socks are made in Canada. In fact, they were founded right here in Toronto. And these aren’t just any ordinary pair of socks. These well-designed, high quality combed cotton foot covers are bedecked in unique artist designs.

We caught up with Nate Kogan, one of the main men behind Hitsu Socks…

What was the inspiration behind starting Hitsu?

My business partner Dan owned a few other businesses and he noticed that his clients would always come in wearing funky socks. At the time he was waiting for a new opportunity to come along because he wanted to get into some sort of product. So when the lightbulbs went off, he asked if I would be willing to helm this concept alongside him. Hitsu was born. That’s the short version. There is a lot that goes into creating the spirit of a brand and we’re always working away at it. We want to give artists an amazing new canvas on which they can create.

You do a lot of fantastic design collaborations with talented artists. Who are some of your favourite artists that you’ve worked with?

We’re very proud of the work the artists we’ve collaborated with have created for Hitsu. It’s very hard to pick favourites as they all have their own flair and something new to bring to the table.

Are there any upcoming design collaborations that we should keep our eyes peeled out for?

We have a LOT on the go. We have a big licensed series coming out in July which we will start teasing soon, a mini-series inspired by my love of ‘90s design, and in September we have our Tokyo Series which is our 3rd flagship series. It’s going to be a busy time. There are a few more things on the go that I really can’t say too much about as well.

We love that the socks that arrive in the box are a complete surprise. Why did you guys go the route of blind purchasing?

We chose to blind box our socks for two reasons.

First, we love the idea of surprises. One thing about Hitsu is that a lot of our product and mentality DNA is quite Japanese (our up-coming Tokyo Series is a tie-in). In Japan they have a concept called gashapon which is basically blind boxed collectable toys. People go NUTS for it. They love not knowing what they get and seeking out the rare stuff.

Secondly, we use it as a curatorial tool. If we allowed people to pick, they would most certainly go after their favourite artists. [This] is great, but like I said, we are super proud of all the work [by our talented artists] so we want to give people the opportunity to discover something new. Getting a new design by an artist you may not have heard of with a bit of information about them is awesome. We love curating art through our blind boxing.

You are the first Viking sock designer. So what’s that like?

Being a Viking sock designer has been great so far. I still keep my ax sharp, but I like to think I am a pretty loveable Viking. Viking sock design is quite intensive but I am hell bent on doing it the best way I possibly can. I can’t wait to have a massive party on my Viking yacht.

[Editor’s Note: Yeah, we are totally inviting ourselves to that one!]

What is your most interesting lost sock tale?

One of the benefits of owning a sock company is not worrying about lost socks. At least not your own.

Where do you think lost socks go?

They fall into a nexus where the laws of physics don’t exist in the same way as they do here and they unwind their threads so they can be redesigned into a magical new sock. I call this place Sockhalla and it is my home.

What is on your feet right now?

I am wearing a pair of our Holy Hexa socks and on top of those are my Quackie Duckie fluffy slippers.


To nab up a pair of your own Hitsu Socks, visit their website. And follow them on social media for all their news .


Editors Note:

Huely Socks changed their company name to Hitsu Socks in July 2015 and we’ve edited our article to reflect this rebranding. The awesomeness and quality are still the same but now with a funky new name!

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