Do You Want To Be Aquaman?



Technology is leaping forwards in leaps and bounds. Things that were once only possible in sci-fi shows and comic books are now becoming reality in our ever changing world.

The Aquaman Crystal (as it has been nicknamed) is the latest technological masterpiece created by scientists that will change the way we live and breathe in the future. The scientifically-created crystalline material that can pull oxygen out of its environment and release it when and where it is needed will have incredible impact on both land and underwater. This sponge-like creation will be useful for lung patients who need to carry heavy oxygen tanks and will also revolutionize scuba diving.

Scientists are still working with the material which uses the element cobalt bound in an organic molecule. Until then, we wait with great excitement for the day that we can live out our Aquaman dreams.

You can read all about it HERE.

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