FAT: The Survival Guide


For those who have attended FAT or any other fashion week before, you know how important being prepared is. The week is chaos with most of us attending meetings, events, the show itself, and all the other work that comes with it. Designers, photographers, models, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, and everyone else in the fashion industry find themselves low on sleep with a chaotic schedule. We made a list of some of our top survival tips to get you through the week!


Anna’s Survival Bag (Director of Marketing & PR at Raw Finery Studio)! Lotus Weekender Bag from Opelle, David’s Tea Frequent Steeper card, Samsung Galaxy S5, Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge lip colour, Dove dry shampoo. “I always carry nuts to keep my energy levels up. Almonds and chocolate are my go to snacks during any fashion week.”




Looking good is important. There are cameras everywhere and at any moment YOU could be in the frame of that shot.

  1. Get a blow-out. Those with short hair of course have a bit easier time of it, but for those of us rocking long tresses I cannot emphasise how important getting a blow-out is before the week begins. Ideally you want to do this on Monday, Tuesday afternoon at the latest. Maintain the style and keep greasiness at bay with a dry shampoo in your roots. Towards the end of the week when your hair is beginning to fail, shift into updo or braid mode.
  2. Get a gel manicure. This is mostly for those who want their nails looking in top shape through the week. A gel manicure will keep you chip free through the week. Make sure that your nail color will go with all your outfits for the week.
  3. Plan your outfits. Plan out what you are going to be wearing for the entire week on Monday. Hang your outfits with the coordinating accessories and you’ll be able to just grab and go, perfect for days when you are in a rush (which will be everyday!).



  1. Carry snacks! There are days when you may be so busy that getting in proper meals is next to impossible. Make sure to always have snacks in your bag… We like Luna and Clif bars, almonds, and a bit of dark chocolate to keep our energy levels up.
  2. Drink lots of water!!! Staying hydrated is mega-important. Carry around water in a reusable bottle with you through the week or stock up at the event.
  3. Stay charged up. There is nothing worse than having your camera or phone battery give out in the middle of your day. Keep the 5% warning at bay by making sure you charge your tech stuff while you sleep. Always carry your phone charger with you. Keep an extra battery on hand for your camera. And if you have one, use a solar charger to make sure your devices stay juiced.
  4. Caffeinate!!!!!!! We are the “caffeination nation” during fashion season. Know where your nearest coffee shop is. And if you are worried about the caffeine crash, switch to green tea…all the punch with none of the downward energy spiral.
  5. Power naps. Need to grab a power nap? Our top technique is to take a shot of espresso right before an hour nap. You’ll wake up super refreshed.


Staying Organized:

  1. Prepare. Keeping track of a hectic schedule during the week can be tough. Set aside some time before the chaos starts to make note of where you need to be when. Schedule in your days into Google Calendar and have it sync to your phone with notifications.
  2. Social Media. Social media is a major presence at any fashion show and a great way for people to get visibility during the week. Make sure all your social platforms are working on your phone, make notes of the hashtags, Twitter and Instagram handles that you will be using through the week.
  3. Know the WiFi codes of the venue. This is mega-important if you have limited data on your phone.
  4. Carry a notebook for anything that you quickly need to jot down like notes about the different collections.


What are your top tips for the week?





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