FAT – Fashion Art Toronto Week With Raw Finery Studio



We’ve been waiting with great anticipation for one of our favorite events of the year to roll around, and its finally here!!

From today until Saturday 25th, FAT (Fashion Art Toronto) takes over the city with over 50 runway shows, fashion photography exhibits, installations, performance art, and fashion films galore.

Raw Finery Studio will be in attendance the whole week getting the scoop for those of you unable to make it, or those who want some memories to hold onto!

Check out the blog each day for the highlights from each night of FAT, and on Tuesday April 28th stay tuned for a special street style edition of all the stylish attendees.

We will be live tweeting the shows on Twitter complete with pictures and quick little video clips.

Instagram will be full of exclusive live show photos and candid snaps.

And Facebook will be home to our FAT albums which will showcase all our photos from the designer’s collections.

All of us at Raw Finery Studio are excited to share this week with you!



Here is our easy to ready schedule for the week:


Tues April 21   Weds April 22  
5:30 PM Exhibition OpensCheck out the art & photography 5:30 PM Exhibition Opens
5:35 PM Musical performance by Style of Tigers 5:35 PM Discrete
7:00 PM Fashion on Film 7:00 PM Fashion on Film
Runway Runway
7:05 PM Sainte Genovefa 7:05 PM Copious
7:15 PM Seraghadaki 7:15 PM Bvisag
7:25 PM Bianca Charneau 7:25 PM J Porte
Fashion Performance Fashion Performance
7:55 PM Brit Wacher 8:30 PM Vessna Perunovich “Nothing to Wear”
Runway Runway
8:40 PM Jon Riosa 8:40 PM SS&CO
8:50 PM Masha Apparel 8:50 PM Ruzica
9:00 PM Elisa C-Rossow 9:00 PM Mitra Ghavamian
Fashion on Film Fashion on Film
9:45 PM Rachel Shaw “Into the Cold” 9:55 PM Fashion on Film
Runway Runway
9:50 PM Andrea Montle 9:50 PM Starkers Corsetry
10:00 PM Bulgun Puteeva 10:00 PM Lazar Couture
  10:15 PM Renascentia by Connor McCalden




Thurs April 23   Fri April 24  
5:30 PM Exhibition Opens 5:30 PM Exhibition Opens
5:35 PM Music by YDID [Sapphire Records] 5:35 PM Music by Style of Tiger
7:00 PM Fashion on Film
Runway Runway
7:00 PM Dystropolis by Wendy Ng 7:05 PM Tetiana Clothing
7:20 PM House of Etiquette 7:15 PM Kaela Kay
7:30 PM Vandal 7:30 PM Clan Gordon by David C Wigley
Fashion on Film Fashion Performance
8:30 PM Fashion on Film 8:30 PM Riatoss Productions “Hello Kunty!”
Runway Runway
8:55 PM Maya Charbin 8:45 PM Parloque
8:50 PM Sandra 9:00 PM L’Uomo Strano
9:00 PM Evan Biddell
Fashion on Film Fashion Performance
9:55 PM Jil Guyon “Vigil” 9:55 PM Alida Esmail “Cover Up”
Runway Runway
10:00 PM Brandon Keir 10:00 PM Venita Salian
10:10 PM Du Laree by Andy Jones 10:10 PM Vkeita
10:20 PM M-Line 10:20 PM TFL Couture




Sat April 25  
5:30 PM Exhibition Opens
5:35 PM Music by Justin Tyce
7:15 PM Little M Inventions
7:30 PM Vanika
7:45 PM Gavarcia
Fashion on Film
8:55 PM Lalayeah & Elisa C-Rossow “1:1”
9:00 PM With Love Lingerie
9:10 PM FionaVeronicaf
9:20 PM Asphyxia
Fashion on Film
10:05 PM Fashion on Film
10:10 PM Rosaleen Kavanagh Clothing & Accessories
10:20 PM Amplify Apparel
10:30 PM House of Poplyn

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