Flaunt Fabrique

We had a marvelous bloggers’ day out with our friend Meaghan of Fashion Savage this past Saturday. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the heat was just heaven as we headed for Harbourfront to take part in Flaunt, a weekend long festival along our city’s waterfront.

We were slightly disappointed in some of the activity descriptions on the Harbourfront website and the reality that we found on the grounds, but there’s nothing a little paddle boating can’t fix!




The real treat and highlight of our weekend of fun in the sun, was Flaunt Fabrique which featured some of our favourite designers and friends. We chilled on the large open patio off the makeup and change room with our model, photographer, and stylist friends, taking in the breeze and attempting to avoid tan lines.

When dusk had set in, we scurried into place at the West Jet Stage. Despite the ill manners and poor treatment from the Harbourfront Stage Manager (who needs some serious schooling on etiquette) nothing could dampen the positive energy and spirit of this event and the incredible shows put on by the designers.



Dystropolis and Amplify Apparel teamed up again to bring us a theatrical spectacle that wound together wearable art, technology, and future-forward fashion garments. Not only did the show create a fantastical spectacle with styles out of a dream on some of our favourite models, but it featured the talented performances of two dancers who have worked with both Wendy (Dystropolis) and Allie Wood (Amplify Apparel) in the past. Victoria Ellingham opened with a modern dance piece wearing the now infamous LED-lit Jellyfish dress by Dystropolis. Erica Furness wowed the crowd with the hypnotic motion of her fan dance, perfectly suited for the water-themed Dystropolis collection and for the breeze drifting across the stage. As always, we were totally breathless.





David C Wigley’s showcase of his Worth by David C Wigley collection was opened with a sparkling aerialist who defied gravity with ease throughout the runway show. We revisited some of our favourite pieces from the Fashion Art Toronto 2015 show, and discovered some new lust-worthy items like the high-waisted button-up trousers with perfect volumous proportion and impeccable detailing. We are die-hard fans of his take on the leather biker jacket done in metallic sheens with carefully thought-out strap details.





Sandra wowed us again. We have been thinking a lot about this collection by the talented designer. The structure and artful play with volume and proportion have quickly made this label one of our Toronto favourites. We can’t get enough of the highly-structured blazers, their sleeves like ridges of armour but so luxurious in texture that they beg to be touched, or the pencil skirts which hit such a prim and proper length but with a twist and a saucy wink through the strategic laser-cut panels. The show stopping piece of any Sandra show this season is the kimono-inspired dress, skirt flaring out in a flattering a-line and that sculptured collar a graceful ode to origami.





Empty Culture has launched into our obsession with a vengeance. We’ve been creeping them quietly online after seeing designer Silv Ferreira wearing select pieces during FAT this past year. This was the first we had seen the entire collection and damn were we impressed. We LOVE a good gender neutral clothing line, and this one is checking all of our boxes. Loose layers? Check. Epic poncho capes? Check. Drop crotch pants? Check. Minimal detailing that carries a lot of impact? Double check. We would definitely like to see these garments again up close, but so far we adore what we’ve seen and look forward to seeing a lot more from this talented label.




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We would like to thank Freeadmission Photography for the images that we used on our blog!

[All images courtesy of Freeadmission Photography]