Happy Pride 2015

Gay Pride


Pride is here again joyously taking over Toronto with a buffet of fun and sassy events that celebrate embracing our true selves and accepting others for who they are! Whether you are celebrating in Queer West or on Church Street (or keeping a happy balance of the two), we hope that you have had a fantastic week and will have a magical weekend!!!

Here at Raw Finery Studio, we are dedicated to ensuring that we create a safe and welcoming space for everyone. With our physical location opening date looming, we’ve taken the opportunity to evaluate our policies on behaviour in the studio. Raw Finery Studio will be an accepting and safe space for everyone whether you are gay, bi, lesbian, trans, gender-fluid, inter-sexed, asexual, agender, or any of the other myriad labels under the LGBT flag. We are working on a code of conduct policy that will ensure that our standards are upheld and that all members and guests are free and safe to be themselves.

We will be enjoying the Pride festivities all weekend. Stay tuned to the blog on Sunday for our highlights from Pink Market tomorrow. And on Sunday you can be sure that we will be posting up photos from Church Street on our Instagram account!




XOXO Raw Finery Studio

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