Holiday Gift Guide: Wearables

The holidays have arrived and we are all dashing about trying to find the perfect presents for our loved ones. Wearable tech has been taking off in the mainstream with items that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also impactful on our physical and emotional well-being. We rounded up a list of our favourite wearables for our Holiday Gift Guide.


Electric Styles LED Sneaker   $79.97 (US)


Electric Styles1

Wearable tech can be stylish too! Show off your love of tech with Electric Styles LED Sneakers. Each shoe has 7 static colors and 5 color changing modes that are easily adjustable through a button near the shoe’s tongue. These USB rechargeable sneakers give 6 hours of battery life so you can be the shining (or blinking) star of your next event. Get them online for $79.97 (US).


BellaBeat   $149.99 – $199.99




There are numerous wearables entering the market that help monitor health and fitness levels, but very few are specifically targeted to women the way that Bellabeat is. The Canadian company has created an attractive and stylish device that monitors your activity, sleep quality, stress levels, AND menstrual cycle. Not only does it excel with its tracking and monitoring, but the app also offers simple goal-oriented breathing exercises to relieve stress. You can even set alarms to wake you up, warn you of prolonged inactivity, remind you of important events, or let you know when to take medication. The 6-month battery life beats out all similar devices and the 14-day memory means your device is not constantly tied to your phone. Made with sustainable materials and crafted to reflect nature, the leaf shaped device can be worn as a necklace, a bracelet, or a simple clip. It comes in a pale wood with silver accent clip, or in a dark-brown wood with a warm rose gold clip. The silver retails for $149.99 and the brown for $199.99 at Best Buy.


Muse: The Brain-Sensing Headband   $299.99




For those of us toiling long hours with work and juggling life, taking the time to centre ourselves often becomes a back-seat in our day’s schedule. Muse Headband offers an alternative to balancing ourselves and stimulating our brain in only a few minutes a day. The personal meditation assistant is a sleek and comfortable headband that comes in black or white and runs in conjunction with an app that can run on your tablet or phone. Simple exercises that motivate you to change your brain and improve your stress responses guide you through a meditation and the app creates personalized tracking, motivational challenges, and rewards to encourage you to build a more regular and effective practice. It is documented that extended use can have amazing and lasting results. 20 minutes of mediation for 3 days in a row can reduce anxiety, improve mood, and reduce heart rate. Longer use has documentation of increasing grey matter density, reducing thinning of the prefrontal cortex, and increasing brain resilience. The $299.99 price tag is well worth the health benefits to your well-being.


Rebecca Minkoff IPhone Charging Wristlet    $120


Rebecca Minkoff Edited



Tired of your phone not making it through the work day? Frustrated by all the cables of your external charger? If you have an IPhone you are in luck. Rebecca Minkoff has joined the wearables movement, introducing a IPhone charging wristlet that provides up to 125% extra battery life for an Iphone 6. No cords or extra wires, compact and attractive – you can charge without anyone even knowing. The case comes in cobalt blue, black, and camel and even has room for cards and cash. It’s a steal at only $120.00.


Zackees Turn Signal Gloves   $69.95




Zackees award-winning Turn Signal Gloves are a must-have for avid city cyclers. The gloves, designed in California by a former Google Engineer, are easy to use – just press your thumb and index finger together to activate the LED blinker. The 54 lumen LEDS ensure that vehicles can see your intentions no matter how dark out it is. With the increase in cyclist tragedies and injuries in Toronto, these gloves are on the top of our list of commute necessities. You can order them on their site for $69.95 (US).


WonderWoof    $95




Wearables aren’t just for humans anymore. Wonderwoof is a fantastic fitness tracker that we can’t rave enough about. Not only is it a chic device that your puppy will be proud to wear on his/her collar, but the features are beyond useful for ensuring optimal health for your canine. You earn bone bites and badges for every fitness milestone you and your dog reach. The app tracks your dog’s fitness levels and even suggests different training techniques and games. You can set a custom alert to let you know when your dog is out of range at the dog park. Making new pooch pals has never been easier with the app allowing you to connect to other pets and their “parents” in your community. You can even keep tabs on your baby when you are travelling. The waterproof bow-tie has an adjustable strap that is compatible with all collars. For only $95, Wonderwoof is one of our favourite pet fitness trackers on the market. We have also heard whispers that a WonderWhiskers is under development for felines.


Petcube  $249.99



If you’re anything like us, you wonder what your cat is doing while you are work and miss them. Sometimes with long hours we feel guilty about how little time we have to play with them. PetCube to the rescue. This handy and interactive camera connects to your home’s WiFi and allows you to monitor your pets through your iOS or Android app. The 138 degree wide-angle camera allows you to easily watch your pets at home. The 2-way audio stream through the built-in microphone and speaker means you can both hear and speak to your pet through your phone. You can play a game of laser with your fur baby on the app, and even share your profile with friends and family so that your pet gets more love and playtime. For loving pet parents, the $249.99 price tag is a small price to pay for peace of mind and extra bonding time.