INLAND Fall 2015

INLAND wrapped up their third show at The Glass Factory on Sudbury Street in downtown Toronto. The pop-up extravaganza created by Sarah Power showcases a vast array of the top up-and-coming designers in Canada.


Director of Marketing Anna wearing top by Som Kong, Creative Director Benjamin Tang


In the current market, consumers are becoming more conscious of where their fashion comes from and a keen desire to support local artisans pushes our purchases. INLAND, the top pop-up local retail experience in Ontario, gives shoppers and easy way to support Canadian-made design and to be more conscious about our purchases.

Each seasonal shopping experience is carefully curated to showcase fashion, accessories, jewellery and “leather goods.” The Fall installation was hosted by Toronto’s very own Nord Magazine and boasted such talent as Elisa C. Rossow, Travis Taddeo, Arc Jewelry, Emily Valentine, Guild Eyewear, Daniel Christian Tang, Eleven-Thirty, and Som Kong. It was a great opportunity to shop, especially with the incentive of winning a $1000 gift bag with every $100 spent at the show, and also a fantastic time to run into our other fashion-savvy friends.

Key pieces that are on our lust list:

  • Buttery-soft leather draped vest from Elisa C-Rossow that we can envision layered with EVERYTHING we own.
  • Soft and cosy yet still sophisticated knit leisure track suits from Travis Taddeo in a dove grey with complimentary textiles perfectly combined.
  • Guild Eyewear’s sunnies – go bright or neutral to suit your fancy!
  • The Hive ring from Daniel Christian Tang is an elegant 3D printed ring that strikes the perfect balance between bold and dainty.
  • Eleven-Thirty has more Salt ‘N Pepper bags in stock, our favourite from this local atelier. The cult-favourite satchels are a rare get as the pelts required to create them are hard to acquire. Snap ‘em up from their shop while you can!
  • We are obsessed with everything from ARC Jewelry – their minimal brushed precious metal designs are perfect worn as a single statement piece or layered throughout your look.
  • Emily Valentine’s minimal necklaces are chic but they have a delightful grit to them with the mixed materials she uses.
  • We were also eyeing up Westlake’s soft and cosy scarves, ear muffs, and toques for the coming season.
  • Represent our fair city with Peace Collective’s sassy casual shirts. May we suggest the Toronto VS Everybody t-shirt?
  • Devlyn Van Loon’s leather bandanna is a stylish AND warm layering piece for the coming season that we STILL haven’t run out of styling options for in our heads!


  • Elisa C-Rossow Elisa C-Rossow
  • Elisa C-Rossow Elisa C-Rossow
  • Elisa C-Rossow Elisa C-Rossow
  • Emily Valentine Emily Valentine
  • Devlyn Van Loon Devlyn Van Loon
  • Travis Taddeo Travis Taddeo
  • Travis Taddeo Travis Taddeo
  • Guild Eyewear Guild Eyewear
  • westlake westlake
  • Arc Jewellery Arc Jewellery
  • Arc Jewellery Arc Jewellery
  • Som Kong Som Kong


And of course we couldn’t resist a bit of shopping and unintentional twin-ing. Both our Creative Director and Director of Marketing bought Som Kong’s latest addition to his strong, gender-neutral collection – the perfect sleeveless layering jacket for Fall in his signature fabric. May we also just comment on the exceptional display that the designer created to greet shoppers as they came in the doors. The gallery-like exhibit perfectly showed off the lighted garments AND provided a discreet change-room. This is one designer who we advise everyone to keep your eyes on as he soars!





Did you miss the weekend? Regretting it? You should be. If you did miss it and still want to check out the designers, head over to INLAND’s website where link’s to the designers’ e-commerce shops are linked on the site.


[All images and GIF courtesy of Anna Crooke Photography]