Best Buy Canada #LifeandTech

Best Buy took over Toronto’s Yonge – Dundas Square for a wearable tech event of epic proportions. Best Buy Canada has been cornering the market on retailing up-and-coming wearable technologies, an industry that is quickly gaining momentum.




Up until recently, many people outside of the tech universe were unaware of what wearable technology was. Perhaps they were familiar with it as a buzz word but couldn’t think of any tech other than smart watches. Best Buy’s first #LifeandTech event in the heart of Canada’s biggest city was the perfect way to bring this movement to the public.

Wearable tech companies packed into the square with interactive booths that allowed not only for education on the diversity of products in the market, but also a fun way to connect with the tech. Our Director of Marketing, Anna, headed over for a full afternoon of fun!

We have seen the Myo gesture-controlled armband by Thalmic Labs around and were excited to be able to learn more about it from the creators. The comfortable armband allows you to control the digital world around you with subtle motions and gestures. What better way to demonstrate this awesome technology than with a video game?

After trying the Myo armband in a videogame application, I can see where this could be extremely addictive. Small gestures are easily read by the device and the response from the armband is seamless. Normally I suck at games like Rock Band which can be difficult to effectively manipulate with the controls, but with Myo it was so simple that I actually was doing pretty darn good. I kinda lost of track of time at this booth.


We’ve posted a few times about Leaf by Bellabeat, a wearable accessory that helps you manage stress, monitor your activity, and optimize your sleep. For our team, balancing these three things is the key to surviving our hectic work pace. Bellabeat’s booth was perhaps the coziest and most “feng shui-d.” Cozy pillows were strewn on the padded mat floor, incense filled the air, and artfully arranged succulents highlighted the natural beauty of Leaf. Our Director of Marketing was thrilled to see this piece looks as beautiful in real life as it does in images. Leaf is perhaps one of the most fashion-forward health wearables on the market right now. It comes in both a silver and natural wood finish and an ebony wood/rose gold.



An avid Samsung fan, Anna was ecstatic to try out the new Samsung VR GS6. The sleek virtual reality head-set is powered by the Samsung S6 and features an adjustable head-band and easily manipulated focus dial.

The wait was soooooo worth trying this. The simulation at the event was a Cirque De Soleil performance. It took a minute to get used to the VR universe but the dizziness and slight nausea passed in under a minute. The focus is a bit fuzzy (you can definitely tell you are watching a simulation), but the dimensions of the world are impressive. I felt like I was right on stage with the performers, the contortionists almost touching me as they extended their legs in mind-bending agility. I was so transfixed that I didn’t even realize there was a performer washing himself like a cat beside me. The world is very immersive and you quickly adjust. It was a bit of a shock taking off the headset and seeing the crowd in the booth. I was transported away.


Muse was of course in attendance, their booth set-up as a meditation retreat with cozy chairs and loads of pillows. Crowds gathered to try out the brain-sensing headband’s meditation focus application. Our Director of Marketing would like it to be known that the last time she tried Muse, she heard lots of birds.




If exercising with a fitness tracker just isn’t for you, or perhaps you want to inject a bit of fun to your work-out, we are insta-fans of Smart Rope. It’s super easy: It’s a skipping rope that gives you an excellent cardio work-out AND tracks your jump count and calories burned.



The event also boasted a slew of informative panels (hosted by We Are Wearable’s Tom Emrich), a fashion showcase featuring VAWK, and celebrity guests.

Want to learn more about Wearable Tech? Stay tuned to our blog and check out We Are Wearable’s monthly meet-ups.