Mass Exodus 2015

Yesterday marked the 17th annual Mass Exodus show held by Ryerson which is the largest student fashion show in the world. We were delighted to attend this year and to see the collections of these talented students. We had our favourites of course, and we are excited to bring you our list of who you should be obsessed with starting now!


Small Studios:

Anna Crooke PhotographyAnna Crooke PhotographyAnna Crooke Photography


This is THE up-and-coming designer to watch right now.


The cohesive Fall/Winter collection was impeccable and the presentation polished. The use of mixed textures and knits, the skilled layering, and the structure of the pieces had us drooling and wanting more. We are obsessed with the woven jacket that closed the collection. Obsessed we tell you! Although shown as a men’s wear line, these pieces are extremely versatile and would be at home in a woman’s wardrobe as well.


We are excited to see more from this uber talented new designer.


Hawke Hwang:

Anna Crooke PhotographyAnna Crooke Photography

Hawke Hwang’s vibrant and sporty lady-like pieces had us in a summer-state of mind. We are head over heels for his use of pattern and his playful silhouettes. Another delight was his tongue in cheek styling which paired sports socks with sandals, and visors that we see on our grandma’s in Chinatown. Our stand out piece was the mini skirt with side panels, a complicated design to pull off as it easily could have looked like pants… Of course he did it flawlessly.


Eolith by Wesley Burness:

Anna Crooke PhotographyAnna Crooke Photography

Wesley Burness’ Eolith Fall/Winter men’s collection evoked casual cool; stylish pieces with an effortless grace. The subdued colour palette allowed the structure of the garments to stand-out and the collection’s subtle details to shine. Eolith has comfort and movement while still maintaining luxury and style. This was another collection that blurred the confines of gender dressing, something we are delighted to see happening more and more from designers.


Msukode by Jeesun Lee:

Anna Crooke PhotographyAnna Crooke Photography

Msukode by Jeesun Lee was a triumph of street couture men’s wear design. The brave mixture of textiles (leather, velvet, knits, and neoprene) added luxury to the modern spin of classic pieces. The pieces in this collection are effortlessly able to go from running errands in the morning, work in the afternoon, and to a cocktail lounge in the evening – the perfect versatile wardrobe for the modern man.


Szeyan Wong:

Anna Crooke PhotographyAnna Crooke Photography


For those looking for evening wear or a modern alternative to a traditional wedding dress, Szeyan Wong’s collection was everything you were hoping for. Each garment was resplendent with ornate detailing, the ethereal pieces moved softly with a breathe of their own, and the tailoring of the pieces elevated the female form to the level of a goddess.


[Images courtesy of Anna Crooke Photography and Design]

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