Raw Finery Studio’s New Home

After 5 months of looking for Raw Finery Studio’s home, and 7 months of negotiations, we at last can make the exciting announcement of our studio’s location! With the help of our outstanding Realtor Mackenzie Sharpe (CBRE Limited), we were at last able to secure and begin development on our dream space.


Location Annoucement


The journey to this day has been long and arduous. So many spaces didn’t meet our needs, and so few realtors or landlords could understand what exactly we were. Mackenzie Sharpe was our knight in shining armor when we met this summer. Within no time at all he had found us our perfect space, although it certainly didn’t look like it at first glance. The rare corner-unit’s beauty was disguised, hidden under dropped ceilings, small offices, and carpet that had lain there since what seemed the early ‘80s. After gutting out the entire space and returning it back to build, the panoramic views and large expanse of the 3150 sq ft studio stood exposed.


Ben signs the lease for Raw FInery Studio's new home
Ben signs the lease for Raw FInery Studio’s new home


We are currently working on the interior design to create a light-filled, modern yet comfortable open-concept studio that suits the broad needs of the community.

Windows surround the corner unit offering plenty of natural light and breath-taking views of the city. The space will include a meeting room/show room, a ventilated room for our large equipment, custom-designed storage for our fashion and photography members, cutting tables and sewing production space, a networking lounge nestled in a cosy bright corner, and a photography studio with lots of natural light throughout the day.


Anna Crooke Photography
View from the East windows


It seemed fitting to first announce our big news on our dear friend and collaborator Amanda Cosco’s Electric Runway podcast. It was hard keeping the news to ourselves after getting our keys a few weeks ago, but the wait has been worth it!



We are looking forward to continuing announcements and updates as Raw Finery Studio evolves in anticipation of our Spring 2016 Grand Opening. Keep your eyes peeled for our new website and branding in the New Year.

If you are interested in membership information or would like more information on the space, please email us at: info@rawfinerystudio.com