Spring/Summer 2016 at TOM* Fashion Week

TOM*, the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, took over College Park for the third season of menswear offerings. Designers from Toronto, Canada and abroad showed their Spring/Summer 2016 collections to an expectant audience. Over three days of shows, we saw 16 designers and also the five EMDA semi-finalists.

Men’s wear trends are quickly shifting and providing a diverse array of styles for men to choose from. As men become more comfortable with exploring their style and expressing their individuality, the male fashion frontier is becoming a lot more fun and presenting more options. The Spring/Summer 2016 season’s top trends are daring, bold, and scream summer livin’. Take a gander at THE Spring/Summer 2016 trends represented at the shows of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, and decide what styles YOU want to try out to spice up your wardrobe…


Gender Neutral Minimalism:

One movement in fashion that we are particularly enamored with and see growing is the concept of gender neutral fashion and androgynous dressing. Designers are breaking out from societal gender norms of what is expected for men’s and women’s fashion, experimenting and creating garments that are ideal for any gender.


Atelier Guarin perfectly encapsulated androgynous minimalism at its finest


Late  ’80s Patterns:

Something familiar this way came…down the runway. It was a nostalgic throw-back to our youth and we liked it a LOT more than we thought we would. In fact, dare I say, we loved it! Nuvango models sported t-shirts and tanks that bore an homage to the patterns of yore, while the ‘80s jazzed up Kenneth Barlis’ suits.


’80s-inspired t-shirts featuring artist illustrations at Nuvango
Kenneth Barlis featured wild ’80s prints on his lean suits. We are loving the shorter hem on the trousers as well – bare those ankles boys!
Flower Power:

What could be more appropriate for Spring than flower prints exploding over the runway? Florals are taking over menswear one suit at a time around the world. Take heed gentlemen: This is THE go-to pattern for the season. If you aren’t bold enough to go all out with flowers head to toe, inject a bit of this style into a dress shirt or a snappy pocket square.


Kenneth Barlis’ collection embraced floral fabrics, a print which is poised to be THE hottest pattern for Spring/Summer 2016
Anything-But-Boring Suits:

For a more modern and daring take on the traditional suit, designers crafted their slim-line tailored pieces with loud patterns and bold hues. These suits were created to make a statement and are a perfect way for the creative corporate man to express his individuality and sense of style.


From L to R: Finezza, Christopher Bates, Kenneth Barlis, Kenneth Barlis

From jewel-tone and royal blues, to the more muted retro-teals, blue is poised to be the hottest shade in fashion for men this coming season.


From L to R: Atelier Guarin, Christopher Bates, Finezza, Finezza


Who Wears Short Shorts, He Wears Short Shorts:

Although not as risque as their female counter-parts, shorter shorts are coming to a man’s closet near you. Hemlines are rising and the fit is tailored and slim. It’s a trend that is sweeping across every designer’s collection internationally and there are plenty of variations out there to choose from.

From L to R: Finezza, Atelier Guarin, Just Ta, Christopher Bates


Photography graciously provided by Shayne Gray Photography

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