Welcome to Raw Finery Studio

We are ecstatic to announce that Raw Finery Studio is open to the public!

Our launch kicked off with an informal meet & greet last Saturday. Excitement ran high as last minute details of the studio were set up and polished. Early visitors complimented the space before rushing off to brunch meetings and afternoon plans. They were followed by a trickle of personal friends of the studio’s staff.

But that was just the beginning. By mid-afternoon people were arriving faster, and the space began to fill up.

There were no shortage of designers and event organizers with serious inquiries, but there was also an easygoing, social atmosphere, and many people stayed to chat and mingle. People had fun hanging out in the photo studio taking each other’s photos on cell phones. Some people even pulled out crafting and knitting projects.

By the time evening arrived and light was beginning to dim outside the panoramic windows, the remaining visitors had gathered their chairs in a circle by the window, chatting comfortably. It was a wonderful day and many new connections were made.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the launch! We will be open by appointment for the remainder of July, before opening with full-time hours in August. If you missed our launch day, you can still contact us at info@rawfinerystudio.com to book a time to come and take a tour of the space.