Xposed Fashion Show

On Sunday we gathered at the Daniels Spectrum Centre in Regent Park for Xposed Fashion Show, an event created to showcase Ontario fashion students. The event is organized by Rebecca King who founded her own event management company Visionary Events.

The entire event is focused on showcasing and nurturing students in the fashion industry: designers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, stylists and event staff.

We are always interested to check out what students are up to for many reasons. It’s a fantastic way to scope out the latest talent, and we also enjoy the freedom and uninhibited joy that student’s possess when creating their early collections. I find students tend to be much bolder with their choices and selections and that is always of interest.


We first saw Vandal at Fashion Arts Toronto (FAT) this past year and instantly fell in love with the brand’s angular futuristic designs. The impeccable pieces are wearable art as fashion at its finest. The attention to detail, tailoring, and sheer design genius blows our minds. Designer Ronald Tam’s wild and colorful geometric digital print fabrics are a hit in our books. We were very impressed to see new pieces at Xposed so close on the heels of his FAT show. We are lusting for the white jacket that closed off the collection. I think it’s safe to say that once again, Vandal stole the show.




Ghost Girl:

Ghost Girl was one of the surprise superstars of the evening. When designer Alexia Panakos first model took to the runway, the energy in the venue rose. Energetic and fun, her runway presentation showcased fantastic street-wear with a Japanese influence. We are obsessed with everything in this easy-to-wear, hip collection. Comfort and style are reign, and we adore Panakos’ cheeky Ghost Girl logo. We are looking forward to seeing more from this designer and watching her growth.




Variable X:

Variable X is a gender-neutral line (and you know how much we love gender-neutral fashion!) designed by Lex Brown, a student at Ryerson University. The androgynous collection was perfectly geared towards Fall/Winter with cozy and effortless layers and knits. We liked how Brown played with volume and proportion in her line. We are keeping an eye on this designer as she evolves.





Jules was a fantastic Resort collection, offering pieces perfect for looking glamorous pool-side. We were a fan of designer Julianne Nicholson’s psychedelic prints. Our favorite pieces: The palm patterned crop top, white and mesh high-waisted lounge pants, and palm print t-shirt dress.




Supporting up-and-comer shows is vital to helping our local fashion industry flourish. Check out Xposed Fashion Show next year as their annual event grows!

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